A downloadable game for Windows

Artificial Death is a Robot Combat / Deck-Building game.

Join this brutal intergalactic tournament and prove your worth.

Build your robots and kill your opponents!

WARNING: Requires at least one gamepad (preferably two).


ArtificialDeath.zip 42 MB


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Hey Guys ! I love your game !! It's so fun ! The music is incredible, I search where to get it but I don't find it, can you help me ? Congrats to your team ! When does it will release ?

Hi! The music belongs to FWA, check these awesome guys here: 


I have no idea when we will release the game :)

I'm really interested in this game but It won't respond to my logitech dual action gamepad ;; 

Hey, that sucks. Does your PC recognize the gamepad? What kind of input are you using: XInput or DInput?

With DS4windows, a little software, it will recognize your gamepad, I use it to play ;)